Call HUD Now: Tell them to stop selling our neighborhoods!

UPDATE: We're getting reports that the mailbox is full, but many people are getting through to a live staff person. So, if you get a full mail box, try calling back in a minute.

Home Defenders across the country have begun making calls, and last week HUD Secretary Julian Castro’s voicemail box seemed to be full of people telling HUD to stop selling our homes to Wall Street. But we need more pressure to win - can you join us to call now?

Please call the main HUD line at 202-708-1112, hit “6” to get an operator and ask for Secretary Castro’s office.

Leave the following message:

“Stop selling our neighborhoods to Wall Street. Stop sales through the ‘Distressed Assets’ program and uphold HUD’s mission by protecting struggling homeowners and working with community development groups that can help save our homes.”

Use the form below to tell us how the call went.