Tell Gov. Brown to Sign SB 1124!

Without SB 1024, California will remain one of only 10 states that collects for all medical care for Medi-Cal recipients, including the total premiums paid to a health plan. That means that when someone insured by Medi-Cal passes away, their family members can be stuck with big bills.  Too often this means losing family homes to pay the bill.

SB 1124 (Hernandez) would require the state to only collect what is required under federal law, prohibit collecting from the estate of a surviving spouse of a Medi-Cal beneficiary, and require DHCS to provide information free of charge, of the total amount of Medi-Cal expenses that would be subject to asset seizure.

Our Healthcare shouldn't cost us our Homes - email the governor now!

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  • Please sign SB 1124
  • Please sign SB 1124
  • Sign SB 1124 as soon as possible.
  • This bill makes moral and economic sense.
  • This law should be corrected, imagine, this a real death tax.
  • How GHOULISH to take from surviving family members! We need a party that is willing to install Single Payer,
    tax the rich their fair share, stop the bogus wars- (Here we go again!), enact a $15/hr. minimum wage, and
    revive the WPA and CCC Jobs programs of the 1930’s.
  • In common humanity, grieving families who have lost their loved one should not be required to lose their homes and their livelihoods also.
  • MediCal recipients don’t have much in assets – only bare necessities – home and car. Their family members often use these same things. It’s not right to take these away.
  • It’s heartless to chase survivors to hell to collect on debts their deceased incurred while ill.
  • Do the right thing, and sign SB 1124… NOW!!!
  • Sign SB 1124!
  • Please sigh SB1124… It is not fair to allow the debts caused by a parents illness to be passed onto their children. This is precisely how the poor remain poor in America.
  • Please sign SB 1124. No spouse—or family—deserves to be turned out of their home from medical costs incurred by the care of a loved one who has passed away.
  • Sign Senate Bill 1124, Governor Brown.
    You’ll see… it’ll be fun.
    And it just might save some Californians from having to declare medical bankruptcy… which is NOT fun.
  • Please, sign this bill and stop sticking the living with the medical bills of the dead.
  • Mr governor please respond to this demand